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167 7th Ave. South     http://www.presstea.com

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We had the opportunity to check out this new Japanese/Parisian inspired tea shop in the West Village and its AMAZING!  Oh Marone. First off, this is the first tea shop I’ve been to and it was an eye opener.

It was packed with a very nice looking crowd all drinking different types of tea infused drinks and other nice pastries and unique stuff…like the Ramen Burrito.


My friend Ben and I had no idea what to get, so we were told to go for the Caramel Rooibos Latte and the Mont Blanc Creme Tea. The Creme Tea is so remarkably good and sweet and rich, and really a treat. These 2 drinks are reason enough to stop by.



We also had some delicious pastries; the vanilla chai cupcake and the souffle cheesecake bar.

In addition they have these chicken and meat Ramen Noodle Wraps that are out of this world, the Ramenrito. Think Chicken wrap with Momofuku noodles and some spice. Only $9 and Simply Awesome!


IMG_3303 (1)

They have this cool press tea machine that makes the tea almost like espresso’s. Very unique.

This place rocks…you may even find a cute Tea drinking lady friend here.