409 West 14th Street http://www.abeandarthurs.com

I’ve heard people talk about this place, so we finally tried it out this Friday. We had a rsvp at 10 for 7, and this spot totally delivered. This 2 story trendy restaurant is very posh and visually appealing, loaded with tall, good-looking women. I remember the floors were very nice marble or something…for some reason it caught my eye.

Anyway, they sat us down late, which didn’t really matter because it’s so vibrant and a lot of eye candy to go around. This place is a scene-and every now and then that’s a treat.

We were all shocked how good the food was. My pork chop was delicious, the octopus appetizer rocked, the slabs of bacon were amazing, the tuna tar tar tacos were so fresh and nice and the meatballs were outta control. Next time I’ll get the steak too.

The menu is nice and simple, with the correct options. It gets annoying when there are too many options.

Great scene, great food, great place.