31 Cornelia Street


So… You want to impress a girl on a first date huh? Po is just the ticket you are looking for! Tucked along one of the chillest streets in the heart of the West Village, this intimate Cornelia Street restaurant has been dropping panties since 1993. Not to name drop or anything but I hear this was Mario Batali’s first restaurant and claim to fame before he went big time.

The Yummy Hen…

As a self-proclaimed fatty, I usually try the 6 course tasting menu and it always blows my palette with really tasty flavors. Not like I’m a cheap date but I’m always impressed with how affordable this place is when the bill comes. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable and help make the eating experience amazing. With the ever-changing menu, feel free to ask the helpful staff their recommendations and I’m sure it will be amazing.