Our Story


I found that the best source for discovering great places was my group of friends who each add a different perspective and set of preferences. We have all now joined together here on WestVillageFood.com to bring all those great anecdotes and discoveries to you, our community…who’s searching for the best kept secrets and hidden gems around town. We aren’t interested in the average tourist spots, which appear to be good on paper, but lack greatness. This site cuts out all the bs; this is the best of what the West Village has to offer. A shortcut to great food, if you will.

We hope you find this new site helpful, and we also hope you’ll contribute your opinions and become a part of the West Village Food community.


Robbie rob rob: Food has been a big part of my life since the beginning…and now I eat almost everything…not just chocolate and skittles. Being that my apartment isn’t the 2,000 square foot loft yet, my kitchen doesn’t lend well to hosting dinner parties. Thus, this site started organically–by trying to find the best places to eat with friends in The West Village. With well over 200 quality restaurants in such a small area, there’s no reason to go north of 14th street, or east of 6th Ave again.

Ian: I’ve become more and more obsessed with food over the past 10 years. Two reasons….I love to eat and I love to cook. There’s something about creating something myself and seeing it through to the end that’s really rewarding to me and a great feeling. I hope that this site will create a fun sense of community where others who share a passion for food can come to learn and share their experiences as well.

Eddie:  The only reason I work out is because I love to eat and it’s usually not very healthy.  Hey, you gotta eat to live right?  If so, why not fat kid style!?  You won’t find me taking pictures of my food because I’m too busy stuffing my face and enjoying the best dishes the city has to offer.  I believe that the atmosphere and company is just as important as the food.

Andrew: As someone who lives in Hoboken, I’ve been coming to the West Village because of the amount of amazing restaurants packed in a small area. I can’t walk more that 1 block without seeing an amazing looking menu on the front door of any given spot. I love that this area has more of a neighborhood vibe than that of the East Village, or Union Square. Putting this site together is a great way to use our community to cut to the chase on the best date spots, bars, and restaurants in The West Village.


3 thoughts on “Our Story”

  1. Go team

  2. You truly chose the best of both worlds. Living amsongt peace and serenity and a mere stone’s throw from the the big city hustle and bustle.

  3. Great concept Rob! I live in the West Village and wading through the sea of restaurants can be quite daunting. Love the Top 5 list too. Need to try those duck wings!

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