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http://www.perillanyc.com/                 9 Jones Street          212.929.6868

I’ve been hearing about this place for a while, and was recently taken on a romantic birthday date with my girlfriend. For some reason I always thought this place was straight up Italian…

It’s actually Funky American with some great eccentric dishes. The menu is very courageous, with dishes like Spicy Duck Meatballs with mint cavatelli, and a quail egg. Wild.

The chef/owner is Top chef winner Harold Dieterle and these dishes prove his creativity. He also owns KinShop which is a modern Thai restaurant…also eclectic and awesome.

We started off with the House Made Garganelli with lobster mushrooms, black pepper, parmesan & lemon mushrooms. This had such a clean, sharp taste. It was fresh and sweet.

The Roasted Golden Snapper with fried yucca, chayote, olive tapenade was out of this world. Among the best fish I’ve had.

The Fricassee of Chicken and Egg chanterelles, with leeks, chicken liver, and truffle pudding stole the show. This dish had a hint of Korean cooking mixed with Modern American cuisine; and the egg yolk is a great idea. 

The dishes we ordered had Italian, Korean, and American flair. Basically, there are no rules here except fresh, organic, tasty food. A must try.