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23 Commerce Street        www.sushinakazawa.com

front sushi

After 2 long months on the wait list, we finally got to try the famous Nakazawa sushi restaurant on commerce. This place is so popular that it is literally booked solid for 2 months. Chef Daisuke Nakazawa was the chief apprentice for Jiro Ono, on whom the popular sushi documentary Jiro dreams of sushi was based.

nakazawa 1st pic

Many consider Jiro to be the best sushi chef in the world. So Chef Nakazawa is highly sought after and admired in the sushi world. Opening up sushi Nakazawa was a major addition to the West Village, and is the most talked about Japanese restaurant in New York City.

Also, there is no menu. The sushi chef and his team skillfully put together a remarkable array of imported and hard to find fish from such hard to find Japanese mackerel to Alaskan tuna to Oregon scallops.


They opened up the scallops and their were on our plate within a few minutes.  My friend Andrew and I sat at the sushi bar, which is the way to go. We got to watch front and center the chefs at work. I know there is a seated part of the restaurant, but we never walked back. The action was all up front with the chefs.

Right when you sit down the 21 course called Omakase begins. Each piece of fish is so uniquely crafted and tasted wildly different.  They use different techniques for each piece. They use a blowtorch to sear some of the fish, as well as chili, salt, and other secret ingredients.


There is no soy sauce. We never asked for it as it seemed out-of-place. You just sit back, while they tell you which part of the world the fish came from, and enjoy the ride. You are not in the driver’s seat here… You are being driven.

I couldn’t possibly remember all the pieces of sushi but exquisite doesn’t give it justice.

The Japanese mackerel and the blue fish tuna were out of this world.


I’ve never tasted sushi like this before. The trigger fish, sea urchin, the yellow tail were phenomenal. They crafted up fish from Alaska, Oregon, different parts of Japan, North Carolina; to name a few. Also, one rarely has the opportunity to eat 21 pieces of different fish from all around the world, at one restaurant.

This is also the freshest sushi spot I’ve been to. The scallops and the giant clams were opened up and cut out of the shell right in front of us.



IMG_5135The Service is amazing. The food and the experience was a 10 out of 10. I guess at $200 per person it better be. All in all, a decadent, and truly amazing experience.