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551 Hudson Street                     http://www.spassonyc.com


Baller Spot. Always delicious. I’ve been here 3 times and it is always consistentIn my opinion, this is one of the top restaurants in the West Village.

It’s located on the corner of Hudson and Perry with great out-door seating in the summer. Also, the interior is rustic and inviting. All the times I went, the music and vibe was spot on. This is an Italian restaurant, but It’s modern, funky Italian, where the dishes are not necessarily traditional. There is a flair to all the food here.

We started the meal with the Beef Tartare Dijon, with vinaigrette, egg yolk, and house made pickles. This dish was so fresh. Hands down the best Tartare I’ve had…

IMG_5658The house made Straciatella Cheese is a must…It is basically creamy, stretchy mozzarella cheese. I think this is one of their most popular dishes because every table around us had it. They use a nice balsamic vinaigrette with pickled cherries which adds to its’ sweetness.

cheese spasso

The Grilled Octopus confit with olive-fennel purée has a nice unique taste. The fennel adds a distinct flavor that I haven’t had with octopus before. It would be nice if the dish was a little bigger, but maybe next time I will order 2.


The Fusilli pasta with Spicy Pork Ragu, Goat Cheese, and Mint was also very tasty. The mint and goat cheese together in a spicy pasta is refreshing.



For me, the Pork Milanese stole the show. I don’t know of any other restaurants that make this dish. And putting a fried egg on it was perfect. This had a remarkable taste with the mix of salad, pork and egg. I’m not sure if this is a constant on the menu, but if not, it should be.

Overall, a West Village Staple, a perfect date spot…Put it on the list…Over and out…

spasso interioir