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Look, it sucks not having electricity. Like everyone in The West Village, I have been without power since Monday 7:30pm.

Being ridiculously bored, we decided to roam the streets to check out the damage. Honestly, it was scary, but all the corner stores were open, under candle light of course, and trees were ripped out everywhere.

We sought shelter At the wine bar Vin Sur Vingt on West 11th, and those guys are awesome. Sebastian, the owner, was super friendly and everyone was in good spirits, making the best of the situation. Free food was given, free drinks as well, all were happy.

Tuesday night we did the same and roamed over to Bell Book & Candle…Mick, the owner is the best. He makes everyone feel at home here, ALL THE TIME. One of my favorite West Village Spots. Cell phone batteries were low or non-existent, but good old-fashioned conversation was back.

The lack of electricity is losing its novelty, but we keep moving forward maintaining positivity and hope, for the best city in the world.

Please send in pics you guys have taken over the past few days, and let me know where everyone ate and drank. I’m told the power will be back by Monday, but check out my twitter for live updates @westvillagefood.com

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