Sushi Nakazawa


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23 Commerce Street

front sushi

After 2 long months on the wait list, we finally got to try the famous Nakazawa sushi restaurant on commerce. This place is so popular that it is literally booked solid for 2 months. Chef Daisuke Nakazawa was the chief apprentice for Jiro Ono, on whom the popular sushi documentary Jiro dreams of sushi was based.

nakazawa 1st pic

Many consider Jiro to be the best sushi chef in the world. So Chef Nakazawa is highly sought after and admired in the sushi world. Opening up sushi Nakazawa was a major addition to the West Village, and is the most talked about Japanese restaurant in New York City.

Also, there is no menu. The sushi chef and his team skillfully put together a remarkable array of imported and hard to find fish from such hard to find Japanese mackerel to Alaskan tuna to Oregon scallops.


They opened up the scallops and their were on our plate within a few minutes.  My friend Andrew and I sat at the sushi bar, which is the way to go. We got to watch front and center the chefs at work. I know there is a seated part of the restaurant, but we never walked back. The action was all up front with the chefs.

Right when you sit down the 21 course called Omakase begins. Each piece of fish is so uniquely crafted and tasted wildly different.  They use different techniques for each piece. They use a blowtorch to sear some of the fish, as well as chili, salt, and other secret ingredients.


There is no soy sauce. We never asked for it as it seemed out-of-place. You just sit back, while they tell you which part of the world the fish came from, and enjoy the ride. You are not in the driver’s seat here… You are being driven.

I couldn’t possibly remember all the pieces of sushi but exquisite doesn’t give it justice.

The Japanese mackerel and the blue fish tuna were out of this world.


I’ve never tasted sushi like this before. The trigger fish, sea urchin, the yellow tail were phenomenal. They crafted up fish from Alaska, Oregon, different parts of Japan, North Carolina; to name a few. Also, one rarely has the opportunity to eat 21 pieces of different fish from all around the world, at one restaurant.

This is also the freshest sushi spot I’ve been to. The scallops and the giant clams were opened up and cut out of the shell right in front of us.



IMG_5135The Service is amazing. The food and the experience was a 10 out of 10. I guess at $200 per person it better be. All in all, a decadent, and truly amazing experience.





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378 Sixth Avenue at Waverly Place         

logo potatopiaGet Baked, Get Smashed, and Get Fried are a few of Potatopia’s key taglines… and I love it! This fun and awesomely innovative build your own potato eatery on 6th Ave is a smash hit! And it’s the only restaurant in its class that’s chief focus is the potato, and its crazy array of sauces.

First, you choose the type of potato you would like; Mashed Potato, Curly Fries, Tater Tots, Au Gratin, baked potato, to name a few.

potatopia menu


Then you load it up with “protein” such as steak, lox, bacon, chicken, shrimp, sausage, etc.

Then you pick your toppings from the topping bar. They have over 15 toppings from brocoli to zucchini.

I ordered the Smash Hit which is one of their signature dishes and comes with the smashed potato, house salt and pepper, cheddar cheese, Asiago cheese, green onions, red onion, garlic, cilantro with roasted pepper. Oh, and I added Shrimp for the heck of it.


Their signature meals start at 4 bucks which I think is a steal. Money well spent. You can’t go wrong with these. We also ordered a few tasty baked potatoes with the works…You can never have too many toppings.

VWH_Potpia_HvyVeg_09_BG02They have over 15 special sauces, from Garlic Aioli to Chipotle Ketchup, Truffle, Chili Pepper, Roasted Pepper, Ranch, Wasabi, Grainy Mustard, Chipotle Mayo, Savory Bacon, Curry 
etc. The possibilities are endless.



We also got the Curly Sue which is Curly Cut fries, House Salt and Pepper, Pepperjack Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Jalapeño, Garlic, Green Onion, Chipotle Ketchup and Garlic Aioli. This was great and a little spicy.

curlyWe got another signature dish called The Lower East Sider...I’ve never had Lox on top of Tater Tots with Cilantro and Sour Creme before. So I did. And it made me happy 🙂  I’ve already gone back for this dish twice.


20140611_183130We got the shepherds pie which was a nice hearty treat. I don’t know anywhere else in the West Village that has this dish. I give Potatopia an A+ for creativity and thinking outside of the box.

They did a great job with the cool design of the store and its advertising. There are signs on the wall saying…Get Baked, Get Fried, and Get Smashed.


This concept was created by owner and foodie entrepreneur Allen Dikker. Dikker came up with the unique idea of pairing potatoes with a variety of sauces and toppings to make everything from a snack to a hearty dinner. Also, this place is perfect for ordering a bunch of stuff, and sharing with friends.

We welcome Potatopia with open arms and WE Love You!


Olio e Piu Pizzeria


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3 Greenwich Avenue                       

Its getting nice out!!! And Olio is among the best outdoor seating/people watching in the West Village. This brick oven pizza spot gets packed for brunch, especially on nice sunny days. I always get the same thing; The Nostrano pizza, which has ricotta cheese, prosciutto and truffle oil. I usually sprinkle a little olive oil and vinegar on top, which is a nice treat. their crust is also top-notch. Also, this spot is open 24 hours!!

thumb_600 olio

olio pizza





























Like Jon’s pizza on Bleecker, Olio doesn’t do slices; only full pizzas perfect for sharing or hoarding for yourself.

IMG_3131 olio

I also love the Amalfitana pizza with salad on top. It’s pretty cool that they have this dish because most places don’t. I also like the use of the lemon. I’ve never had their pasta, but I’ve heard really good things. But for me, I’m a creature of habit, and will always get my Prosciutto and Ricotta pizza.

olio piccc

All in all, a great place for drinks, people watching, and some tasty brick oven pizza.


Press Tea


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167 7th Ave. South

press tea logo

We had the opportunity to check out this new Japanese/Parisian inspired tea shop in the West Village and its AMAZING!  Oh Marone. First off, this is the first tea shop I’ve been to and it was an eye opener.

It was packed with a very nice looking crowd all drinking different types of tea infused drinks and other nice pastries and unique stuff…like the Ramen Burrito.


My friend Ben and I had no idea what to get, so we were told to go for the Caramel Rooibos Latte and the Mont Blanc Creme Tea. The Creme Tea is so remarkably good and sweet and rich, and really a treat. These 2 drinks are reason enough to stop by.



We also had some delicious pastries; the vanilla chai cupcake and the souffle cheesecake bar.

In addition they have these chicken and meat Ramen Noodle Wraps that are out of this world, the Ramenrito. Think Chicken wrap with Momofuku noodles and some spice. Only $9 and Simply Awesome!


IMG_3303 (1)

They have this cool press tea machine that makes the tea almost like espresso’s. Very unique.

This place rocks…you may even find a cute Tea drinking lady friend here.

Whynot Coffee and Wine bar


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whynot coffee front14 Christopher Street, New York, New York 10014

We were lucky enough to check out this new coffee and wine bar on the corner of Christopher and Gay Street last week. I’ve always admired this building; from the large antique front doors to the floor to ceiling windows, this new coffee shop deserves all the praise its been getting.941966_434206250020966_1090863680_n

Unlike some other pretentious local coffee shops, you feel comfortable and at home here. Whynot encompasses a very easy breezy Parisian vibe, which I find refreshing for the area. It is decorated impeccably, with large murals of French actresses on the walls, most notably Brigitte Bardot, painted by NY artist Jeremy Penn.


We had the pleasure of enjoying some fabulous wine and cheese with the owner Emil, who explained that his goal was not just to open a coffee and wine shop, but to create an experience. 

Musicians come in on many occasions to play live Jazz which can be enjoyed on the oversized comfy couch in the back. The record player/keyboard setup is just another treat to keep ones self entertained. music

By the way, one of my favorite albums by Beach House was playing…on vinyl…very cool.

Whynot sells Blue Bottle Coffee, which is outstanding. We had 2 regular coffees and a prosciutto and provolone croissant, a goat cheese with wild berry croissant, and the charcuterie. charcutIMG_2741

Pop in for a coffee, try the croissants, check out the vinyl selection.  Come late night and listen to the live music. I think you will see why I find this place to be the best new coffee shop in the West Village.